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HAM Group was founded in 1980 and since then we have always opted for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as a clean, safe and environmentally friendly energy, which manages to minimize the negative impact by reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and fine particles that affect air quality; regarding the use of fossil fuels, petroleum derivatives, which are much more polluting.

Currently, HAM is a leader in the comprehensive service of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, both in industries and in mobile-vehicular, maritime, etc., betting on R&D and facilitating more effective and sustainable improvements in facilities. , supply of natural gas and bunkering services in the naval sector. We have become a reference for other companies in the sector that are committed to CNG and LNG as an alternative to fossil fuels.

If you need clean, safe and more environmentally friendly energy, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Fill out our contact form or call us at 937704760 where we will attend you personally.


HAM Group currently has 46 compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas gas stations at strategic points in Spain and the rest of Europe

HAM Group currently has 46 service stations, mobile and fixed, which are located at strategic points around Spain and the rest of Europe, which makes it possible to make liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas available to all our clients as an alternative fuel, respectful with the environment and that saves between 30-50% compared to traditional fuels.

In our CNG and LNG service stations you can refuel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can pay with any debit or credit card. If you are self-employed or have a company, you can find out about the HAM card for professionals. Learn about the different possibilities and advantages that we put at your disposal.

In 2020 we are going to carry out more than 30 projects to continue expanding the network of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas stations, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe; designing, building and launching own and third-party refueling stations.


En las estaciones de servicio de Grupo HAM se ofrece un servicio personalizado a los clientes, que pueden disfrutar del gnc y gnl a precios competitivos

Natural Gas Stations

The service stations of General de Gasolineras, integrated into the HAM, are offering the possibility to all its customers to refill premium compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the most competitive price on the market today.

+Info CNG-LNG Stations

At Grupo HAM service stations, personalized service is offered to customers, who can enjoy CNG and GNL at competitive prices.

Regasification Satellite Plants

HAM designs, builds and takes care of the maintenance of Regasification Satellite Plants (PSR) for industries and towns that the gas pipeline network has not yet reached, allowing them to enjoy all the advantages of natural gas.

+Info PSR

At Grupo HAM we design, build and maintain Regasification Satellite Plants, both for industries and for populations where there is no network of gas pipelines

Mobile Solutions

HAM Group HAM is in charge of the design, construction and operation of mobile stations for the supply of natural gas, for industrial consumption and to supply passenger cars and heavy vehicle fleets. We are present in Spain, Europe and South America.

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At HAM Group we have a fleet specialized in the transport of cryogenized gases, diesel, fluorocarbons, carbon sulfide and other products.

Road Transport

Our fleet, in continuous renewal and expansion, is specialized in the transport of cryogenic gases, highlighting air gases and methane or natural gas (LNG), in addition to many other products such as diesel, liquefied petroleum gases, fluorocarbons, sulfur carbon…

+Info Road Transport

We sell liquefied natural gas (LNG), offering extensive road coverage to large companies and also to the final consumer

LNG Sales

We make an attractive LNG offer available to our clients, providing road coverage to the final consumer and large companies.
The price per Kwh of liquefied natural gas is on average 20-40% cheaper.

+Info LNG Sales

Management of the entire LNG liquefied natural gas supply chain for an efficient and higher quality service in intermediate processes

Comprehensive LNG Management

We manage the entire  liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain, offering a more efficient service and higher quality in intermediate processes. Outsource gas management responsibility and focus on other strategic points in your business.

+Info Comprehensive LNG Management

Professionalized structure in LNG Bunkering service, with solutions adapted to the use of liquefied natural gas in the maritime sector

Maritime LNG Projects

We offer solutions adapted to the use of LNG in the maritime sector. We have a professionalized structure for the development of the liquefied natural gas bunkering service, a growing activity within this sector.

+Info Maritime LNG Projects

Grupo HAM has a professional technical team for the inspections, repair and maintenance of compressed and liquefied natural gas facilities.

Inspections, repairs and maintenance

Aware of the importance of proper maintenance of natural gas installations, we put at your disposal our technical, trained and qualified team to carry out these tasks with the guarantee of professional service.

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At HAM we follow the philosophy


HAM Group applies the “continuous improvement” philosophy in all its companies and in its environment, involving its clients and those people who in their day-to-day life will be involved with the use of natural gas.

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HAM Cryogenic is specialized in energy projects around natural gas, designing and building facilities for industries and the naval sector

HAM Criogénica

At Transportes HAM we are specialists in road transport of flammable, cryogenic, air gases and liquefied petroleum gases.

Transportes HAM

In General de Gasolineras we offer our customers all kinds of fuel, offering personalized service and the best price

General de Gasolineras

LNG, leader in the supply of LNG through the installation of a regasification satellite plant, for industrial, domestic, vehicular or maritime use

Liquid Natural Gaz


HAM Italia markets LNG for civil, industrial and automotive use; and build regasification plants and LNG and LNG-C Service Stations

HAM Italia

LNG France, specialists in commercializing compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for industrial and automotive use

LNG France

HAM Chile, specialists in cryogenic products and services, allows the expansion of the HAM Group in South America to continue

HAM Chile

HAM's subsidiary in Latin America allows the group to expand to meet the demand of the gas sector

HAM Perú

FNX Liquid Natural Gas, experts in small-scale natural gas liquefaction

FNX Liquid Natural Gas

LAST NEWS HAM GROUP - Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas

HAM Group opens a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station in Madrid

HAM Carrasco LNG Madrid

HAM opens a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) service station in Madrid, which is located in the facilities that Transportes Carrasco has on Tambora street 4, Velilla de San Antonio, (GPS: 40.346005, -3.469620)


Interview granted by HAM Group to Mi Ciudad a todo gas to talk of the present and future of natural gas

HAM interview Mi Ciudad a todo gas

The Marketing Director of HAM Group, Toni Murugó, has given an interview to Mi Ciudad a todo gas to talk about natural gas, an energy of the present and future that reduces the carbon footprint


The HAM Group Cards, for freelancers and professionals, will require the use of a PIN code from April 1

HAM Card PIN Code

To increase the security in the operation of the HAM cards, we are going to incorporate into the cards a secret four-digit PIN number that the cardholder must enter in order to refuel.



Gasnam is an association that promotes the use of natural and renewable gas in mobility, both land and sea, in the Iberian Peninsula

GNV Magazine is a digital magazine committed to the development of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) worldwide, which updates its news daily

NGV Journal is dedicated to the communication and organization of events on vehicular natural gas and alternative fuels

NGVA is a European association that promotes the use of natural and renewable gas as fuel in vehicles and ships


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