HAM Committed to the environment

At Grupo HAM we are concerned about the environment, which is why we follow a series of environmental criteria in all our projects, with the aim of reducing polluting emissions and reducing the effects of climate change.

We transfer the commitment to the environment between our team and collaborators, acquiring environmentally friendly products and services, respecting and guaranteeing current regulations, adapting our processes and developments to the environmental legislation of the different countries where we work, promoting our own requirements, more demanding than those established, between our team and collaborating companies.

Our environmental policy has earned us the recognition of the gas sector, receiving the “Environmental Entrepreneurship” award during the celebration of the VII Gasnam Congress in 2019, as we are considered the pioneer company in promoting natural gas in mobility. Almost 40 years ago we started in Badalona as a company dedicated to the transport of dangerous goods by road and since our inception we have always opted for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as an environmentally friendly source of energy, with the aim of reduce local and global emissions, compared to other types of more polluting fuels.

Actions of HAM Group for the care of the environment

– Installation of solar panels at the HAM Group headquarters (120kW), which allow the energy produced by solar irradiations to be transformed into electrical energy. This allows us, unlike fossil fuels, to enjoy a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy, without producing CO2.

CHAMeleon Project: the objective has been the study of LNG transport in the Mediterranean Corridor, between Barcelona and Ljubljana, through innovative approaches and technologies to allow the rapid deployment of natural gas as a clean and alternative fuel, respectful of the environment.

HAM nozzle: our R&D team has developed a new nozzle that allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to heavy vehicles, with greater safety by being able to disconnect without producing gas emissions into the air, promoting an operation where the risk of burns and the creation of possible explosive atmospheres are eliminated. On the other hand, by minimizing gas emissions, the environmental impact is reduced.

– Participation in the Smart Green Gas Project, with the design, construction and commissioning of the HAMikro biomethane dispenser. The installation consists of a fuel compression system with a low-flow compressor, a high-pressure cylinder storage structure and a dispenser that allows the vehicles to be supplied with a fuel obtained from the transformation of biogas produced by the use of wastewater.

– Participation in the LNGas HIVE Project, with the design, construction and start-up of a mobile unit that supplies Liquefied Natural Gas to an electric generator, which in turn is in charge of providing power to the ships moored in the port. This mobile unit makes it possible to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions levels by 85%, as well as the elimination of all sulfur particles and oxides, generated by ships when they self-generate their own electricity in port facilities.

– The entire HAM Group fleet uses LNG as the only fuel, which allows us to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 60%, PM particles by 99% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 95%. ), which will allow better air quality. The fleet of our vehicles is continually renewed, incorporating tractors with the latest technology that allows for better results in caring for the environment.

– We promote the use of gas-powered vehicles among all our employees, collaborators and partners.