HAM Group has opened a new LNG gas station in Albacete, Caudete

HAM mobile LNG Caudete, Albacete

HAM Group has launched a new LNG (liquefied natural gas) mobile service station in Caudete, Albacete. The new gas station is located in Pol. Ind. Los Villares, Ctra. D-12 Estación, S / N (GPS: 40.346005, -3.469620)

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HAM Group is developing the first vehicular biomethane project in Spain

HAM Vehicular Biomethane

HAM Group is the first company in Spain to develop a 100% Vehicle Biomethane project, which will allow the use of Bio CNG with a negative carbon footprint. HAM continues to bet on sustainable mobility

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HAM Group opens a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station in Madrid

HAM Carrasco LNG Madrid

HAM opens a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) service station in Madrid, which is located in the facilities that Transportes Carrasco has on Tambora street 4, Velilla de San Antonio, (GPS: 40.346005, -3.469620)

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Interview granted by HAM Group to Mi Ciudad a todo gas to talk of the present and future of natural gas

HAM interview Mi Ciudad a todo gas

The Marketing Director of HAM Group, Toni Murugó, has given an interview to Mi Ciudad a todo gas to talk about natural gas, an energy of the present and future that reduces the carbon footprint

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HAM Group and Limagas Movilidad are in charge of building the first CNG-LNG service stations in Cuzco and the first LNG gas stations in Peru

HAM builds CNG-LNG service stations in Peru

HAM builds together with LIMAGAS Movilidad, a investee Company by Lipigas and HAM Group, the first CNG service stations in the Cuzco region and the first LNG gas stations in Peru

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To improve the security of the HAM Cards, a PIN code will be necessary as of April 1, 2021

The HAM card will require a PIN Code to refuel

To increase the security in the operation of the HAM cards, we are going to incorporate into the cards a secret four-digit PIN number that the cardholder must enter in order to refuel

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HAM Group continues to bet on BIO LNG with a new project in Caviro, Italy

HAM BIO LNG Caviro, Italy

HAM ITALIA and FNX Liquid Natural Gas will build and put into service one of the largest European BIO / LNG plants, where more than 9 million kg / year of Liquid Biomethane or BIOLNG will be produced

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