HAM builds a new CNG service station for Limagas in Cuzco, Perú

HAM Peru has designed and built the new Limagas CNG service station in Cuzco

The new service station is located on Avenida de la Cultura

HAM Perú, a subsidiary of HAM Group, has been the company in charge of the technical design, construction and commissioning of the new Compressed Natural Gas service station of Limagas, located at the Super Servicentro of Primax service station, on Avenida de la Cultura 1506 (GPS: -13.530952, -71.930491), the longest avenue in Cuzco, with an extension of almost 13 kilometers and significant vehicle traffic.

This new service station offers all its clients a 40m3 tank, with a CNG pump and 2 double dispenser that allow to refuel compressed natural gas. It should be noted that the tank is buried, eliminating any impact on the circulation flows and reducing the a esthetic impact. HAM Group has been a pioneer in Europe in its commitment to CNG-LNG service stations with a totally buried tanks, through the Yellow Project.

The new facilities designed and built by HAM Perú are monitored remotely, guaranteeing their perfect operation.

The project has been possible thanks to Limagas commitment to vehicular liquefied natural gas, with the aim of contributing to sustainable development through the design of efficient energy solutions that help its customers in the challenge of reducing their environmental impact and that thanks this fuel will reduce CO2 emissions, nitrous oxides and fine particles.

With this new project in Cuzco, Peru, we continue to bet on the promotion of Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas in South America, allowing our customers to access energy that is friendly to the environment, reducing emissions of CO2, nitrous oxides and particles fine, in addition to allowing significant savings compared to other more expensive and polluting fuels.

HAM Group currently has an important network made up of more than 80 LNG-CNG service stations in Europ, with a presence in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Italy.

We continue working, together with our subsidiaries and in direct contact with our customers, to offer the best products and services, as well as to continue expanding our network of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas service stations.