HAM and Lipigas build Chile’s first LNG gas station

HAM and Lipigas have built the first LNG gas station in Chile

HAM Chile has been in charge of the gas station engineering process

HAM Chile, a subsidiary of HAM Group, has been the company in charge, together with Empresas Lipigas, of the design, construction and commissioning of the first LNG service station in Chile. The service station, which incorporates the latest innovations in this type of facility, is located at the facilities of Transportes San Gabriel, Linares, Maule Region, very close to Ruta Cinco Sur (Panamerican Highway in Chile), which is part of the main artery of land communication in the country.

This project has been possible thanks to Lipigas, Transportes San Gabriel and the multinational AB InBev, a company that will incorporate 35 trucks of liquefied natural gas to its fleet, which will refuel at the new service station, contributing to a reduction of more than 800 tons per year of CO2 emissions and an 80% reduction in fine particles.

Esteban Rodríguez, Lipigas business manager, explained during the inauguration that “Liquefied natural gas is a real option for reducing CO2 in long-distance heavy transport, thus contributing to sustainable development, with the design of efficient energy solutions that help to face the challenge of reducing emissions to the environment”.

Lipigas, a company with a presence in Chile, Colombia and Peru, is a relevant player in the Latin American energy market, whose objective is to satisfy the energy needs of its customers with its combined products and solutions.

HAM Chile Spa, a leader in cryogenic equipment and work, has been working for several years in South America, with its own personnel and facilities in the Santiago metropolitan region, allowing Ham Group to continue its expansion and maintain greater proximity to its customers, offering a wide variety of products and services, ranging from the design, construction, start-up and maintenance of service stations and regasification plants, bunkering, manufacture of LNG cryogenic tanks, etc.

HAM opens its CNG-LNG fixed gas station in Riba-roja de Túria

HAM Group inaugurates fixed CNG-LNG service station in Riba-roja, Valencia

The new installation replaces the mobile unit installed in 2019

HAM Group installed in the first months of 2019 a Liquefied Natural Gas mobile service station in Riba-roja de Túria, which a few months later also allowed to refuel Compressed Natural Gas. Today we inaugurate our fixed service station, expanding the number of dispensers, which will allow our customers to refuel by reducing waiting times.

The service station has been built at the same point where the mobile unit was, at the Poyo de Reva Industrial Estate, Avenida dels Fusters 42, Riba-roja de Túria, Loriguilla - Valencia, next to the A-3, also known as Highway of the East or Highway of Valencia, a natural union between Madrid and the Mediterranean coast of the Valencian Community. (How to get)

The new fixed service station has a deposit of 90m3, with two innovative refueling points, designed and built by the R&D team of HAM Criogénica's, each incorporating two LNG hoses for trucks and heavy vehicles, a CNG hose for cars, light vehicles and trucks, and one payment terminals.

The opening hours of HAM Riba-roja are 24 hours, throughout the year, with access for all our clients, who can make payments with any debit or credit card or with our HAM card for professionals, in the case of be companies or freelancers.

The new CNG-LNG fixed gas station is remotely monitored, continuously registering different parameters, which guarantee its perfect operation and allows the rapid resolution of any incident.

HAM offers its customers a wide network of LNG-CNG service stations, made up of more than 80 refueling points, located on the main routes in Spain and the rest of Europe.

We continue working and innovating, in direct contact with our customers, expanding our network of CNG-LNG gas stations, always taking respect for the environment as a starting point.

Riba-roja CNG-LNG dispenser fixed service station

HAM builds a new gas station and regasification plant for Etelä-Savon Energia Oy in Finland

HAM has developed the project for the new ESE LNG service station in Finland

It is the first service station that HAM installs in the Scandinavia region

HAM Group delivers to Etelä-Savon Energia Oy its new LNG service station and satellite plant, which has been designed, built and commissioned by our company HAM Criogénica.

Its new Liquefied Natural Gas service station is located in Mikkeli, Finland, the most important city in the South Savonia region. It has an 80m3 vertical tank and a LNG dispenser that allows the refueling of trucks and heavy vehicles. It should be noted that the plant also acts as a satellite plant offering Natural Gas to a adjacent factory through forced regasification with a water/glycol and LNG exchanger, and with a double regulation line. The design made by HAM Criogénica allows an easy expansion of the gas station, with a second LNG dispenser.

The project has been possible thanks to ESE's commitment to Liquefied Natural Gas. The Finnish company, which has been providing light, heat and well-being in the Mikkeli region for more than a century, will offer its customers the possibility of refueling LNG, a clean and environmentally friendly fuel, thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions , nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, LNG allows significant savings of 30-50% compared to other less eco-friendly fuels.

HAM Criogénica, the company in charge of developing the project for the new Etelä-Savon Energia Oy service station, is a leader in the engineering sector, with extensive experience in the field of liquefied natural gas and with more than 300 projects carried out throughout the world, designing and building facilities for all types of industries and the naval sector.

At HAM Group we work and innovate, in direct contact with our clients, to be able to offer the best services and products, related to natural gas, that are adapted to their real energy needs. Leader in the sector, we have designed and built 1 out of every 4 LNG service stations that currently exist in Europe, many of them being our property and forming part of our network of stations. You can enjoy the reliability of our fixed and mobile gas stations in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

New HAM LNG service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia

HAM Group opens a new LNG service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia

Benito One, the gas station that installs and starts up in 24 hours

HAM Group opens a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) service station in Navalmanzano, Segovia, located on SG-332, next to the entrance and exit of the A-601, known as the Pinares highway, with significant traffic , in its more than 100 kilometers, which goes from the VA-30 (external round of Valladolid) to the SG-20 (Segovia bypass road) (How to get there)

The new service station, which receives the name BENITO, has been developed by HAM Criogénica, together with our R&D team, and is characterized mainly by needing only 1 day to be installed and put into operation, reducing from the construction time of the gas station considerably. The Gas Station has a 80m3 tank, in which the dispenser and payment terminal are integrated. The new supply unit, created by our team of engineers, marks a new milestone, together with our mobile service stations, Yellow Project and other innovations, which position HAM as a leader in the design and construction of CNG-LNG service stations.

The BENITO service station installed in Navalmanzano, Segovia, allows to refuel LNG to heavy vehicles and all types of trucks, since it keeps the liquid subcooled and adapts immediately to the optimal temperature of the different brands: Iveco, Scania or Volvo. allowing fast and safe refueling with an innovative nozzle, designed by HAM, with a “nofrost” system and a double anchoring and closing system, in order to avoid leaks, liquid losses and facilitate its disconnection without emitting gas into the air.

The opening hours of HAM Navalmanzano GNL are 24 hours, throughout the year, being able to freely access and make payments with any debit or credit card or with our HAM card for professionals.

With this new opening, we continue to expand our gas station network, made up of more than 80 service stations, between fixed and mobile, which are available on the main transport routes in Spain and Europe.  We continue to bet on Natural Gas for Vehicles, a sustainable, real alternative, reducing CO2, nitrogen and fine particle emissions. In addition, the use of NGV allows our clients to save 30-50% compared to other fuels.

At HAM Group we continue working, in direct contact with our clients, to continue offering the best services and products, always adapting to their real energy needs.

HAM Group collaborates with the Pasqual Maragall Foundation


A future without Alzheimer's

HAM Group, through its solidarity donations program, has begun to collaborate with the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, whose main objective is the early detection of Alzheimer's disease, to improve the quality of life of those affected and their caregivers.

The Pasqual Maragall Foundation is committed to a future without Alzheimer's, a disease that currently affects one in ten people over 65 years of age. Through science and innovation, it seeks to defeat Alzheimer's, betting on the prevention of the disease and working to achieve a future in which aging is associated with positive experiences.

The Pasqual Maragall Foundation for Research on Alzheimer's was born in April 2008, as a result of the public commitment of Pasqual Maragall, former mayor of Barcelona and president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

HAM Group, an energy company focused on renewable energy for more than twenty years, is committed to participating in the improvement of those most vulnerable groups in our society. Our companies, related to natural gas in various fields, are made up of an excellent human and professional team, which has made us a benchmark in the gas sector in engineering, road transport of cryogenic and flammable products, CNG-LNG service stations, commercialization of Liquefied Natural Gas, liquefaction projects, maritime sector..., and other areas.

At HAM we believe in and bet on people, their lives and their stories. We feel fortunate to collaborate with the important work carried out by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, betting on a future without Alzheimer's, and we promise to continue participating in this or other projects, such as those of Arrels Fundació and Open Arms, which allow us to continue helping people.

HAM delivers its LNG 100 Gas Station

HAM has designed, built and commissioned more than 25% of LNG service stations in Europe

More than 20 years betting on Natural Gas Vehicles

HAM Group celebrates the delivery in Saint Quentin Fallavier, France, of its 100th LNG service station, which reaffirms us as the main reference in the vehicular natural gas sector.

A recent study by NGVA Europe, the Association of Natural Gas and Biogas Vehicles, indicates that in Europe there are 400 service stations that allow you to refuel Liquefied Natural Gas. 1 in 4 of these LNG service stations has been designed, built and commissioned by HAM, many of them being owned by us and forming part our network of service stations. You can enjoy the reliability of fixed and mobile service stations, with the HAM quality seal, in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

The use of Liquefied Natural Gas in transportation is an important catalyst for climate neutrality, being a real, clean and safe alternative to traditional fossil fuels, drastically reducing emissions of fine particles, nitrogen oxides and CO2, allowing a higher air quality and helping to mitigate global warming. In addition, LNG enables significant fuel cost savings.

HAM was a pioneer in Spain in 2000 when it added to its fleet 10 trucks, acquired in the US, powered by liquefied natural gas, taking on a major environmental challenge, with the aim of reducing polluting emissions from our fleet, also building the first vehicular LNG plant in Europe for the refueling of these vehicles. Later, in 2009 we designed and built the first public vehicular natural gas service station in Spain, located in Abrera, Barcelona.

We continue to bet on Vehicular Natural Gas, a rapidly developing market with great potential to achieve the decarbonisation of road transport. We develop new concepts of fixed and mobile service stations, which allow us to expand the infrastructure and we are committed to BIO LNG, characterized by its negative carbon footprint, in important projects, located in Vilanant (Girona) and Faenza (Italy), where we design, we manufacture and operate all the necessary equipment to optimize the process: Upgrading, Bio CNG compression, Bio LNG liquefaction, transportation through virtual gas pipeline and sale of biomethane at service stations.

At Grupo HAM we continue to work and innovate, always working in direct contact with our customers, to offer the best products and services that adapt to their real energy needs.


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HAM Group opens a new gas station in Terrassa

HAM Group has opened in Terrassa, Barcelona, a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) service station

The new service station will offer CNG

HAM Group opens a new compressed natural gas service station in Terrassa, located at the Petro Low Cost facilities on Carretera de Montcada, 670 (GPS: 41.557000, 2.035290), next to the N-150 and close to the C- 16 and C-58, an important access to Barcelona from the northwest, with a large traffic of vehicles for professional and private use.

HAM Terrassa offers its customers a double CNG dispenser, for cars, light vehicles and trucks, with free access and 24/7 opening hours, throughout the year. Payment can be made with any debit / credit card, in addition to the HAM card for professionals, used by freelancers and companies.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a real sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and fine particles that affect air quality. In addition, vehicles that use NGV allow reducing noise pollution, by producing 50% less noise and vibrations, and significant savings of 30-50% thanks to our prices.

It should be noted that vehicles that use CNG have the DGT ECO label, which allows free access to city centers during periods of high pollution, as well as tax incentives, discounts in regulated parking areas and tolls, depending on the community autonomous where they are.

With the opening of this new vehicular natural gas service station, HAM continues with its firm commitment to sustainable mobility, expanding its network of service stations, which currently it is made up of more than 80 Gas Stations, located on the main transport routes in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Italy.

HAM works, together with its subsidiaries, to finalize new projects for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas service stations, expanding our network of service stations to provide our customers with access to an environmentally friendly fuel.

HAM ITALIA and FNX Liquid Natural Gas will build and commission one of the largest BIO / LNG plants in Europe

HAM plans the largest European BIO LNG plant in Caviro, Italy

More than 9 million kilos of liquid Biomethane or BIO/LNG will be produced annually

HAM Italy is developing in Faenza, Italy, one of the largest 100% vehicular Biomethane plants in Europe, with an estimated annual capacity of 9 million kilos, equivalent to 140GWh / year.

The project starts from the biogas generated by 2 digesters owned by Caviro Spa, an Italian wine cooperative, where they recover by-products derived from the wine and agri-food chain, which is transformed into biogas. FNX Liquid Natural Gas, a subsidiary of the Ham Group, is in charge of designing and manufacturing the equipment necessary to purify the biogas, up to CO2 contents below 50 ppm, suitable for liquefying; as well as the liquefaction train that allows obtaining Bio LNG ready for transportation, bound for service stations. It should be noted that the entire installation works with electricity of renewable origin, not producing polluting emissions or greenhouse gases.

Biomethane or BIOGNL, also known as green gas, is characterized by its negative carbon footprint, making it a real and ecological alternative in the energy transition, allowing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and helping to combat the climate change.

On the other hand, this project will contribute to the Circular Economy, favoring the local economy, generating employment, returning resources and nutrients to the soil, and as a sustainable alternative to incineration or landfills. It will also allow energy independence, as it does not have to depend on international markets or large corporations, having an important supply terminal in Italy.
In addition, the new 100% vehicular biomethane plant will allow a reduction of more than 600,000 km / year in road traffic of the LNG tanks with which the HAM Italy currently supplies northern Italy, from the port terminals, thus reducing road traffic in general and CO2 emissions.

HAM Italy, with the development of one of the largest European Bio LNG plants for vehicular use, offers a comprehensive solution to customers who have biogas, taking charge of designing, manufacturing and operating all the necessary equipment that allows optimizing the process: Upgrading, compression Bio CNG, Bio LNG liquefaction, transportation through virtual gas pipeline and sale of biomethane at service stations. We continue to innovate and offer our customers products that are adapted to their real energy needs.

HAM opens a new LNG service station in Caudete, Albacete

HAM Group opens a new LNG (liquefied natural gas) service station in Albacete, Caudete

The new service station allows you to refuel Liquefied Natural Gas

HAM Group inaugurates in Caudete, Albacete, a new LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) gas station, located in Pol. Ind. Los Villares, Ctra. D-12 Estación, S / N (How to get there), very close to the A- 31, also known as the Alicante highway, which connects Alicante with Albacete, central Spain and Madrid. This highway, in its section from Caudete to Alicante, forms together with the A-35, the A-7 and the A-33, an alternative route to the AP-7 between Valencia and Alicante.

The mobile unit in Caudete, Albacete, is an innovative refueling station that allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to heavy vehicles and trucks. Customers can freely access our service station, which is open 24/7 throughout the year. Payments can be made with any credit / debit card and also with the HAM card for professionals, exclusively for freelancers and companies.

HAM Group makes available to its customers a network made up of more than 80 service stations, fixed and mobile, that allow to refuel CNG and / or LNG, distributed in the main national and European routes. Our mobile gas stations allow access, to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, in those points where they still cannot enjoy these alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly fuels, since the polluting emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and particles fine, are reduced compared to other traditional fuels, allowing better air quality.

It should be noted that both LNG and CNG allow significant savings, of between 30-50%, thanks to our prices. In addition, these vehicles reduce the noise of their engines and enjoy the ECO label of the DGT, as well as other advantages, depending on the different autonomous communities.

At Grupo HAM, we continue working, together with our subsidiaries, to develop new projects and continue to expand our network of CNG-LNG service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.