HAM Group has closed an important agreement with the Marseille Methane Terminal to be able to refuel LNG at its terminal

Part of the loads will be carried out in the metanera terminal of Marseille

Assessing the foreseeable problems of lack of tank loading capacity during the winter period, the Enagás’ plant in Barcelona and the Bahía Bizkaia’s plant, HAM Group has signed an important LNG contract at the Marseille Terminal, in order to avoid the shortage of its customers in Spain during this period.

The winter of 2019 passed with great difficulties for drivers when it came to meet their LNG tanker transport commitments, due to the collapse of the few loading terminals for trucks that Enagás makes available to trading companies. Queues of tanker trucks with up to 8 hours of delay to load, together with an unequal priority system, which clearly harm industrial customers and natural gas service stations, caused many customers were out of supply at certain moments.

The trading and transport companies have repeatedly requested Enagás to expand the charging points for greater and necessary efficiency of the current system, which is clearly insufficient.
Far from meeting the continuous requests of customers to Enagás, Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System, to expand the loading capacities of the tanks, a new auction system has been regulated that predictably leads us to the same problem of collapse of 2019, adding greater speculation and, as a consequence, much higher prices, which border on abuse, and which will inevitably end up having an impact on the end customer.

Given the saturation of the loading docks in the winter season and the lack of sensitivity and vigilance on the part of the Administrative Bodies, in charge of ensuring services of general interest such as this one, as well as the clear and absolute contradiction of the Administration's discourse for the environmental improvement, promoting the use of liquefied natural gas and biomethane as clean energy in industry and transport, but without providing the basic logistical means to achieve the objectives, HAM Group has decided to anticipate the foreseeable problem to load tankers during the winter period, due to lack of action by Enagás and the current circumstances that we are facing.

Grupo HAM will carry out part of its supplies from the Marseille LNG terminal, in addition to redirecting its fleet among the different Iberian LNG terminals in order to minimize incidents, which as a result of this lack, almost certainly, will be repeated in the coming winter.

New CNG-LNG supply point in northern France

HAM Group installs mobile CNG-LNG in Calais, France

CNG-LNG mobile unit

The company C4T Europe opened on October 1 a new LNG-CNG supply point in the town of Calais, at avenue Henri Ravisse 504, Marck, Calais (How to get there), near the Port of Calais and the Eurotunnel in the Industrial Zone of Transmarck, Exit 48 of the A16 / E40 motorway, this being a strategic point for national and international transport as it is the gateway to the United Kingdom. It is a mobile station designed and manufactured by HAM Group.

The mobile unit will be located at this point until the construction of the fixed gas station, which will also be designed and built by HAM. Thanks to this agreement, C4T Europe and HAM have managed to shorten start-up times for the new station and allow LNG-CNG users to refuel 24 hours a day throughout the year, using any credit / debit card, as well as the Card HAM, for the exclusive use of companies and professionals. With the installation of the new mobile unit, HAM makes available to all its customers an extensive network made up of 72 service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and the main European road transport routes.

To access the service station, it is necessary to approach the barriers, which will open automatically and obtain a ticket that allows access to the station for a period of 1 hour.

The mobile service station allows refueling compressed natural gas to cars, light vehicles and trucks; and liquefied natural gas to heavy vehicles. C4T customers will be able to enjoy all the advantages of CNG-LNG, environmentally friendly fuels that reduce emissions of CO2, fine particles and nitrogen oxides. In addition, they are cheaper fuels, which allow customers to save between 30-50%, with the cheapest retail price in France.

C4T is a company with extensive experience in offering high-quality secure truck parking and refueling facilities, with all the necessary services for road freight drivers to comfortably refuel and rest.

At Grupo HAM, we continue working to offer the best products and services related to natural gas, as well as to expand our network of CNG-LNG service stations.

HAM Group designs and manufactures an extensible LNG mobile unit complying with the French standard and ISO 16924

HAM LNG mobile unit extendable up to 9 meters to comply with French regulations

The station allows to refuel LNG to all types of truck

HAM Group has launched in France a new type of mobile LNG unit, characterized by being easily transportable and extensible, allowing a separation of more than 9 meters between the LNG dispenser and the tank, thus complying with French regulations and ISO 16924.

The mobile installation allows the storage and refueling of Liquefied Natural Gas to all types of trucks and heavy vehicles, as it keeps the liquid subcooled and adapts to the optimum temperature of the different brands: Iveco, Scania or Volvo, facilitating fast and safe refueling. offering our clients performance and functionalities equivalent to those offered by fixed LNG service stations.

The station, which allows supplying up to 4,000 Kg/hour of Liquefied Natural Gas, is made up of a horizontal cryogenic tank of 67m3 made of stainless steel (SS), weighing approximately 44 tons, manufactured by VAKUUM, specialists in design, construction, repair and maintenance of semitrailers and mobile units for the transport of LNG and Air gases, following the latest innovations and quality and design regulations of the EU and ASME.

It has a dispenser with a magnetic card reader for validation purposes, a mass meter with MID approval and an electronic display with relevant information on each process: cold and filling. In addition, it has a hose with an innovative nozzle, designed by HAM, with a "nofrost" system and double anchoring and closing system, which prevents leaks or losses of liquid from the joint with the truck's tank, increasing safety during supply. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the nozzle adapts to all vehicles and allows a disconnection without emission of gas into the air.

The transportable and extendable LNG station is monitored remotely, registering different parameters of the mobile unit, guaranteeing its perfect operation at all times and allowing to quickly solve any incident.

The HAM Group R+D department continues to innovate and offer solutions that adapt to the real energy needs of our customers, working to develop high-quality and reliable advances in the improvement of LNG and CNG logistics infrastructures and services, always taking respect for the environment as a starting point.

HAM Group collaborates with Arrels Fundació

HAM Group makes a donation to Arrels Fundació

No one sleeping on the street

The HAM Group solidarity donations program does not stop and advances in its commitment to the most vulnerable groups in society, collaborating with an economic contribution, or equivalent action, with those non-profit entities that are dedicated to promoting projects of solidarity and cooperation.

HAM is an energy company focused for more than two decades on renewable energy, and in the current social and health context, we are committed to participating in the improvement of those most vulnerable groups in society. Our companies, related to natural gas in various areas, are made up of an excellent human team, which has allowed us to become a benchmark in the gas sector in areas ranging from engineering, to road transport, CNG-LNG service stations, the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas, liquefaction projects, the maritime sector...

During the month of July, we have sent a solidarity donation to Arrels Fundació, an entity that, since 1987, cares for and guides homeless people living on the streets of Barcelona. They are in charge of accompanying them so that they can have a life as autonomous as possible, covering their basic needs, providing them with social and health care, and guaranteeing accommodation for those who are in a more vulnerable situation.
Arrels Fundació works to sensitize citizens, denouncing unfair situations and providing solutions to administrations and civil society to make possible its main objective: that nobody has to sleep on the street. They inform, guide and raise awareness about the problem of homelessness, getting involved and working to make proposals, review and improve current social policies.

At HAM we are happy to be able to collaborate with the important work carried out by Arrels Fundació and we will continue to participate in this or other projects, to continue helping people.

HAM builds for Petrem its new Gas Station

HAM has developed the project for the new Petrem CNG-LNG service station

The new service station allows refueling CNG-LNG

HAM Group, through its company HAM Criogénica, has been in charge of designing, building and commissioning the new Petrem Gas Station, which will allow refueling of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

The new CNG-LNG service station is located in Petrem Trucks, Corral Roig s / n, Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Girona, very close to exit 3 of the AP-7, the N-2A and the N-2, a radial road that connects Madrid and the border crossing of the municipality of La Junquera, passing through towns such as Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Lérida, Barcelona and Gerona.

The project has been possible thanks to the commitment to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas that they have made from Petrem Distribución S.A., an Empordà company that sells fuels and lubricants. The service station has a 98m3 vertical tank and has 2 single-hose LNG dispensers, for refueling trucks and heavy vehicles, and 2 double-hose CNG dispensers, for refueling cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the design made by HAM allows an easy expansion of the gas station, allowing a maximum of 4 jets to fill liquefied natural gas (2 doubles + 2 singles) and a maximum of 6 jets to fill compressed natural gas (4 doubles + 2 singles). The Gas Station it is open 24 hours a day throughout the year and is freely accessible to all its clients, being able to pay with any credit and/or debit card. 

The new Petrem facility will allow its customers to enjoy all the environmental and economic benefits of using liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas. CNG and LNG are clean fuels, respectful with the environment and that reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, both fuels will allow their customers to save 30-50% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

HAM Cryogenic, company in charge of project development, is a leader in the engineering sector, with years of experience in the liquefied natural gas sector and with more than 300 projects around the world, both in design and construction of facilities for all kinds of industries and the naval sector.

From HAM Group we continue working, together with our subsidiary companies, to offer the best products and services related to natural gas: comprehensive realization of energy projects, road transport of cryogenised products, sale of CNG-LNG in our service stations, construction of structures to store gas in the gaseous and liquid state ... making available to our clients solutions adapted to their real energy needs.


HAM installs CNG-LNG mobile in Crevillente, Alicante

HAM Group installs a new CNG-LNG mobile unit in Crevillente, Alicante

We continue betting on NGV for land mobility

HAM Group has installed a new mobile unit for Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas in Crevillente, Alicante. The new service station is located on the Carretera Estación Ferrocarril, 0, km 0010, next to exit 526 of the A7, also known as Autovía del Mediterráneo, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast, beginning its journey in Algeciras and ending in Abrera, passing through towns such as Marbella, Almería, Murcia, Elche, Alicante, Valencia, Castellón and Tarragona, among others. (How to get)

HAM's new CNG-LNG mobile unit in Crevillente has a tank of XXm3 and has a dispenser with a hose for refilling liquefied natural gas to trucks and heavy vehicles, and a compressed natural gas hose for refueling passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. It is a public Gas Station, where customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Payments can be made with any debit or credit card. In the case of freelancers and companies, they can request and enjoy the advantages offered by our HAM cards for professionals.

HAM Group continues to innovate with its portable solutions for the supply of vehicular gas for vehicles, such as our mobile Gas Stations HAM Benavente LNG-CNG, HAM Murcia LNG, HAM Riba-roja CNG-LNG and Lidl Suiza LNG, becoming a benchmark in the sector, al ensure that our customers can enjoy the advantages of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas quickly, efficiently, safely and economically.

With our new mobile unit for compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas in Alicante, we expanded our network to 71 service stations, between fixed and mobile, spread across Spain and strategic points on the main European land transport routes. We continue betting on CNG-LNG as an alternative to fossil fuels, respecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. Furthermore, we offer our clients the possibility of saving between 30-50% compared to the price that other fuels currently have with a greater negative impact on the environment.

Our team continues working to continue expanding our network of service stations, reaching new points where they do not enjoy the benefits of NGV, while making our customers the best products and services available.

HAM Group inaugurates the first LNG-CNG station in Europe with a buried tank

Installation process of the buried CNG-LNG tank at the HAM Irún service station   Service station HAM Irún LNG-CNG

YELLOW Project

HAM Group has opened the service station HAM Irún LNG-CNG, Gipuzkoa, the first LNG-CNG station in Europe with a buried tank. The opening of this new station has been possible thanks to the development of the Yellow Project, which has allowed the installation of an Ultra-compact Gas Station.

The service station is located in only 310m2, being completely passable by vehicles on 95% of its surface, thus eliminating any impact on vehicle circulation flows and reducing the aesthetic impact. It has an 80,000 liter LNG tank, which works at low pressures (3 bars).

The tank, which does not occupy space for the service station, has a submerged pump and the capacity to supply up to 12,000kg/h of GNL and 10,000 kilos of CNG per day.

The service station has an buried coldbox, an “on the fly” conditioning system and allows the installation of up to 2 double dispenser (4 hoses) of Liquefied Natural Gas for trucks and heavy vehicles, and 1 double dispenser (2 hoses) of Compressed Natural Gas for passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks.

The Gas Station, safer and with fewer necessary safety distances, is monitored remotely, guaranteeing its perfect operation and allowing any incident to be quickly resolved.

Plan of the HAM Irún CNG-LNG Gas Station, the first service station with the buried tank

Grupo HAM opens CNG-LNG Gas Station with buried tank in Irún, Gipuzkoa

The Yellow Project has been developed by HAM Criogénica and our R&D department, which in constant contact with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers, works to develop high quality and reliable advances in improving infrastructure and logistics service. CNG-LNG, taking respect for the environment as a starting point.

Note that the tank has been manufactured by Vakuum, a HAM Group company, specialized in the design, production of semi-trailers and mobile units for the transportation of LNG and gases from the Air, following the latest innovations and quality and design regulations from the EU and ASME. The rest of the equipment has been designed and manufactured at HAM facilities.

At Grupo HAM we continue to innovate in all our projects, equipping our clients with new technologies that allow them to obtain the best product that adapts to their real energy needs. We were the first to bet in Europe on the use of LNG in road transport, we built a nozzle that allows us to supply Liquefied Natural Gas without emitting gases into the air, we developed service stations that allow biomethane to be refueled from wastewater, we designed and manufactured stations CNG-LNG vehicles and we have participated in projects that have allowed the development of a small membrane LNG tank and an LNG container for the maritime sector, which supplies natural gas to an electric generator that in turn supplies electrical energy to the moored ships at the port.

Gas station HAM – TRANSORDIZIA Irún, Gipuzkoa

HAM Group has opened a new CNG-LNG service station in Irún, Gipuzkoa

The Gas Station allows you to refill compressed and liquefied natural gas

In 2017 HAM Group opened a modern mobile station that allowed liquefied natural gas to be refilled in Irún, Gipuzkoa. At the demand of our clients, HAM Criogénica has worked to design, build and start up a new CNG-LNG service station. La Gas Station is located at Antxotxipi Kalea 4 (How to get there), next to the AP-8, also known as the Cantabrian Highway, which runs along the coast of the Basque Country, from Irún, linked to Highway A -63 French, to Bilbao (Vizcaya), where it connects to the AP-68, known as the Vasco-Aragonesa highway or Ebro highway.

The new CNG-LNG Gas Station has been possible thanks to an agreement between HAM Group and Transordizia, a leading company in the international transport of industrial vehicles and buses, which has led to the creation of PORTABASKGAS SL. The service station has a double liquefied natural gas pump for trucks and heavy vehicles, and a double compressed natural gas pump for supplying passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the gas tank has been buried, thus taking advantage of the entire surface for the circulation of vehicles, having 80,000 liters of LNG capacity and bottles of 3,000 liters of CNG capacity.

The hours of the new CNG-LNG service station are 24 hours, throughout the year, and access is completely free, being able to make payments with any credit or debit card. In addition, we offer the possibility, to companies and freelancers, to enjoy our HAM card for professionals.

With the opening of this new Gas Station in Irún, HAM Group makes available to all its customers a wide network consisting of 70 service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and at the main strategic points in Europe. We continue to bet on liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, as an alternative fuel, to minimize the environmental impact. LNG and CNG are cleaner and more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels, reducing emissions of CO2, nitrogen and fine particles; in addition to allowing all our customers significant savings of 30-50% compared to the price of other fuels.

HAM Group continues to work, together with its subsidiaries, to expand its network of CNG-LNG service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.


The HAM Gas Station network continues to grow in Europe

HAM Group CNG-LNG service stations grow in Spain and the rest of Europe

Consult our website for the map of CNG-LNG Gas Stations

HAM Group CNG-LNG service station network continues to grow in Spain and the rest of Europe, with the recent incorporation of 13 gas stations in the Netherlands, 6 in France and 6 in Belgium. The incorporation of these 25 new refueling points has been possible thanks to our expansion policy that has led us to close agreements with the main European operators

Europe's firm commitment to compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas has allowed us to expand our network to 70 service stations, making available to all our customers an environmentally friendly fuel that mitigates the environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, our customers will be able to continue saving 30-50% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

In the case of freelancers and companies they can refuel using their HAM card, which they must enter in the payment terminal or place it in front of the contactless, if the station has a contactless payment system.

HAM makes available to its customers all the information on its service stations through its website, where you can also consult our CNG-LNG maps where 3 identifying icons appear:

1. Black HAM Logo: Using the HAM card you can enjoy the prices established in all the HAM Group service stations.
2. White HAM Logo: The price of Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas is established by the owner of the service station.
3. HAM Italia Logo: The HAM Italia Card must be used, paying the prices agreed with the company.

At HAM, a benchmark for other companies that are committed to the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as an alternative to other more polluting fuels, we continue to work, along with the other companies in the group, to continue expanding our Gas station network in the coming months, in Spain and the rest of Europe.

HAM Group collaborates with Open Arms

HAM Group makes a donation to OpenArms

Committed to people

At HAM Group, an energy company focused on renewable energies for more than two decades, we are aware of the current social and health context, and of the great work that certain entities have been developing around the world. This has led us to create our Solidarity Donations Program, through which we commit ourselves to be participants in the improvement of the most vulnerable groups in society, helping with a non-profit financial contribution, or equivalent action, that they promote cooperation and solidarity projects. We believe and bet on people, their lives and their stories.

Grupo HAM has an extraordinary human team that integrates our 10 companies, all of them related to natural gas in different areas, ranging from engineering, road transport, CNG-LNG service stations, the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas, liquefaction projects, the maritime sector... We have become a reference for the rest of the players in the gas sector, acting in Europe through our subsidiaries HAM Italia and LNG France, as well as in South America with HAM Chile and HAM Peru, which allows us to manage our growth in Latin America.

We started our Solidarity Donations Program by collaborating with Open Arms, a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose main mission is to protect those people who try to reach Europe by fleeing from war, persecution or poverty. They are dedicated to the surveillance and rescue of the boats carrying people who need help in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean sea, as well as raising awareness of all the injustices that are happening which have been untold.

On Earth, they have an essential team made up of psychologists who are specialists in crisis situations, emergencies, and victims of terrorism who support first responders in all phases of their work, helping to manage the situations they have experienced in order to return to their daily reality and guaranteeing his emotional stability for future interventions.

Currently, in the face of the health emergency COVID-19, they help the most vulnerable, our elders. They are put at the service of science, collaborating with research, to achieve a treatment that stops the contagion and cuts the chain of spread of the Coronavirus and prevents deaths.

At HAM we are proud to be able to contribute our grain of sand to such an important task as that carried out by Open Arms, and we commit ourselves to continue participating in this or other projects that allow us to help people.