The HAM Gas Station network continues to grow in Europe

HAM Group CNG-LNG service stations grow in Spain and the rest of Europe

Consult our website for the map of CNG-LNG Gas Stations

HAM Group CNG-LNG service station network continues to grow in Spain and the rest of Europe, with the recent incorporation of 13 gas stations in the Netherlands, 6 in France and 6 in Belgium. The incorporation of these 25 new refueling points has been possible thanks to our expansion policy that has led us to close agreements with the main European operators

Europe's firm commitment to compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas has allowed us to expand our network to 70 service stations, making available to all our customers an environmentally friendly fuel that mitigates the environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, our customers will be able to continue saving 30-50% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

In the case of freelancers and companies they can refuel using their HAM card, which they must enter in the payment terminal or place it in front of the contactless, if the station has a contactless payment system.

HAM makes available to its customers all the information on its service stations through its website, where you can also consult our CNG-LNG maps where 3 identifying icons appear:

1. Black HAM Logo: Using the HAM card you can enjoy the prices established in all the HAM Group service stations.
2. White HAM Logo: The price of Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas is established by the owner of the service station.
3. HAM Italia Logo: The HAM Italia Card must be used, paying the prices agreed with the company.

At HAM, a benchmark for other companies that are committed to the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as an alternative to other more polluting fuels, we continue to work, along with the other companies in the group, to continue expanding our Gas station network in the coming months, in Spain and the rest of Europe.

HAM builds for Petrem its new Gas Station

HAM has developed the project for the new Petrem CNG-LNG service station

The new service station allows refueling CNG-LNG

HAM Group, through its company HAM Criogénica, has been in charge of designing, building and commissioning the new Petrem Gas Station, which will allow refueling of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

The new CNG-LNG service station is located in Petrem Trucks, Corral Roig s / n, Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Girona, very close to the N-2A and N-2, a radial road that connects Madrid and the border crossing of the municipality of La Junquera, passing through towns such as Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Lérida, Barcelona and Gerona.

The project has been possible thanks to the commitment to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas that they have made from Petrem Distribución S.A., an Empordà company that sells fuels and lubricants. The service station has a 98m3 vertical tank and has 2 single-hose LNG dispensers, for refueling trucks and heavy vehicles, and 2 double-hose CNG dispensers, for refueling cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the design made by HAM allows an easy expansion of the gas station, allowing a maximum of 4 jets to fill liquefied natural gas (2 doubles + 2 singles) and a maximum of 6 jets to fill compressed natural gas (4 doubles + 2 singles).

The Gas Station of Petrem Distribución S.A., it is open 24 hours a day throughout the year and is freely accessible to all its clients, being able to pay with any credit and/or debit card. The service station accepts the HAM card for professionals.

The new Petrem facility will allow its customers to enjoy all the environmental and economic benefits of using liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas. CNG and LNG are clean fuels, respectful with the environment and that reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, both fuels will allow their customers to save 30-50% compared to other less environmentally friendly fuels.

HAM Cryogenic, company in charge of project development, is a leader in the engineering sector, with years of experience in the liquefied natural gas sector and with more than 300 projects around the world, both in design and construction of facilities for all kinds of industries and the naval sector.

From HAM Group we continue working, together with our subsidiary companies, to offer the best products and services related to natural gas: comprehensive realization of energy projects, road transport of cryogenised products, sale of CNG-LNG in our service stations, construction of structures to store gas in the gaseous and liquid state ... making available to our clients solutions adapted to their real energy needs.


Gas station HAM – TRANSORDIZIA Irún, Gipuzkoa

HAM Group has opened a new CNG-LNG service station in Irún, Gipuzkoa

The Gas Station allows you to refill compressed and liquefied natural gas

In 2017 HAM Group opened a modern mobile station that allowed liquefied natural gas to be refilled in Irún, Gipuzkoa. At the demand of our clients, HAM Criogénica has worked to design, build and start up a new CNG-LNG service station. La Gas Station is located at Antxotxipi Kalea 4 (How to get there), next to the AP-8, also known as the Cantabrian Highway, which runs along the coast of the Basque Country, from Irún, linked to Highway A -63 French, to Bilbao (Vizcaya), where it connects to the AP-68, known as the Vasco-Aragonesa highway or Ebro highway.

The new CNG-LNG Gas Station has been possible thanks to an agreement between HAM Group and Transordizia, a leading company in the international transport of industrial vehicles and buses, which has led to the creation of PORTABASKGAS SL. The service station has a double liquefied natural gas pump for trucks and heavy vehicles, and a double compressed natural gas pump for supplying passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. Note that the gas tank has been buried, thus taking advantage of the entire surface for the circulation of vehicles, having 80,000 liters of LNG capacity and bottles of 3,000 liters of CNG capacity.

The hours of the new CNG-LNG service station are 24 hours, throughout the year, and access is completely free, being able to make payments with any credit or debit card. In addition, we offer the possibility, to companies and freelancers, to enjoy our HAM card for professionals.

With the opening of this new Gas Station in Irún, HAM Group makes available to all its customers a wide network consisting of 70 service stations, between fixed and mobile, located in Spain and at the main strategic points in Europe. We continue to bet on liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, as an alternative fuel, to minimize the environmental impact. LNG and CNG are cleaner and more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels, reducing emissions of CO2, nitrogen and fine particles; in addition to allowing all our customers significant savings of 30-50% compared to the price of other fuels.

HAM Group continues to work, together with its subsidiaries, to expand its network of CNG-LNG service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.


HAM Group collaborates with Open Arms

HAM Group makes a donation to OpenArms

Committed to people

At HAM Group, an energy company focused on renewable energies for more than two decades, we are aware of the current social and health context, and of the great work that certain entities have been developing around the world. This has led us to create our Solidarity Donations Program, through which we commit ourselves to be participants in the improvement of the most vulnerable groups in society, helping with a non-profit financial contribution, or equivalent action, that they promote cooperation and solidarity projects. We believe and bet on people, their lives and their stories.

Grupo HAM has an extraordinary human team that integrates our 10 companies, all of them related to natural gas in different areas, ranging from engineering, road transport, CNG-LNG service stations, the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas, liquefaction projects, the maritime sector... We have become a reference for the rest of the players in the gas sector, acting in Europe through our subsidiaries HAM Italia and LNG France, as well as in South America with HAM Chile and HAM Peru, which allows us to manage our growth in Latin America.

We started our Solidarity Donations Program by collaborating with Open Arms, a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose main mission is to protect those people who try to reach Europe by fleeing from war, persecution or poverty. They are dedicated to the surveillance and rescue of the boats carrying people who need help in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean sea, as well as raising awareness of all the injustices that are happening which have been untold.

On Earth, they have an essential team made up of psychologists who are specialists in crisis situations, emergencies, and victims of terrorism who support first responders in all phases of their work, helping to manage the situations they have experienced in order to return to their daily reality and guaranteeing his emotional stability for future interventions.

Currently, in the face of the health emergency COVID-19, they help the most vulnerable, our elders. They are put at the service of science, collaborating with research, to achieve a treatment that stops the contagion and cuts the chain of spread of the Coronavirus and prevents deaths.

At HAM we are proud to be able to contribute our grain of sand to such an important task as that carried out by Open Arms, and we commit ourselves to continue participating in this or other projects that allow us to help people.

HAM – NUPPEC Vila-real already offers CNG

The HAM Villarreal Gas Station allows the refueling of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the Villarreal-Onda Highway, Km3

The Gas Station allows you to refill liquefied and compressed natural gas

HAM Group opened a service station in Vila-real last year, the first one that offered the possibility of refilling LNG to trucks and heavy vehicles. After listening to the requests of all our clients, you can now refuel CNG.

The station is located on Carretera Vila-real-Onda, km3, Castellón (39.949265, -0.166319), next to CV-20, an important road axis formed by Vila-real, Onda and Alcora. It is less than a kilometer from the CV-10 (Autovía de la Plana), an autonomous highway that runs from south to north of the province of Castellón; less than 5 minutes from the AP-7, axis that allows communication of the entire Mediterranean coast from the border with France (La Jonquera) to Algeciras, passing through the most important points of transport routes, such as Gerona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia...

The expansion of our service station has been possible at the firm commitment of Grupo HAM and NUPPEC Logística S.L. for an environmentally friendly fuel. La Gasinera has 1 double liquefied natural gas pump, to which is added a double compressed natural gas pump to supply cars, light vehicles and trucks. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 22:00 and access to the service station is completely free for all our clients, being able to make payments with any credit or debit card. In addition, in the case of companies and the self-employed, they can make use of our HAM card for professionals.

Grupo HAM currently has 50 service stations, between fixed and mobile, distributed throughout Spain and at strategic points in Europe. With more than two decades betting on LNG and CNG as an alternative fuel, we continue to believe in their use with the aim of minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas are cleaner and more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels. Its use reduces CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. Furthermore, both CNG and LNG offer savings of between 30-50% compared to the price of other more polluting fuels.

At Grupo HAM, as a benchmark for other companies that are committed to the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as an alternative to other more polluting fuels, we work daily, together with our subsidiaries, to offer a excellent service and the best products to all our customers, expanding our network of Gas Stations in Spain and Europe.

HAM Group and TRANSPORTES OJECHAR open a Gas Station in Albacete

Estación de servicio HAM Albacete de gas natural licuado (GNL) y gas natural comprimido (GNL)

The new service station will offer CNG and LNG

HAM Group opens a service station of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas in Industrial Estate Salvador, Av. Primera, 17, 02630, La Roda, province of Albacete, a strategic point in the communication between the center and the east of the Iberian Peninsula, which can be accessed directly, from the highway, through four different exits. It is located  a few minutes from the Alicante motorway (39.191553, -2.142888), also known as A-31, which connects Madrid with Albacete and Alicante, which makes it one of the most freeways crowded on the peninsula, especially during the summer.

The opening of this new gas station has been possible thanks to the environmental strategy of Transportes Ojechar, an important company dedicated to logistics and freight transport, which has decided to bet on a clean, safe and environmentally friendly fuel, with the aim of reduce CO2 emissions.

HAM Albacete offers our customers a supplier of LNG, for trucks and heavy vehicles, and a supplier of CNG, for passenger cars, light vehicles and trucks. The opening hours are 24/7, with open access for all customers, who can make their payments with any debit / credit card. Autonomous and companies may request and enjoy the advantages of the HAM card for professionals.

With the opening of this new service station in Castilla-La Mancha, Grupo HAM currently has 47 gas stations that allow refueling CNG and / or LNG, distributed in different parts of Spain and Europe. After more than 20 years, our commitment to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, as an alternative fuel for road transport, remains firm. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact on the environment, betting on a cleaner and more sustainable fuel than fossil fuels, which reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and fine particles that affect air quality. In addition, CNG and LNG allow us to offer our customers a significant saving of 30-50% compared to the price of other fuels that are less environmentally friendly.

Grupo HAM, leaders in the sector of natural gas vehicle (NGV), continues working to finalize new projects of service stations of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas, which allow the growth of our network of service stations, facilitating our customers access to an environmentally friendly fuel.

HAM Group renews its fleet with 11 new LNG tractors

HAM Group has added 7 new LNG tractors to its fleet

HAM continues to expand and renew its own fleet

HAM Group has acquired 11 new Scania R 410 tractors that join our own fleet of Transportes HAM, a leading company in the road transport sector, specialized in flammable and cryogenic products, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied gases from the petroleum (LPG), fluorocarbons, sulfur and carbon dioxide, gases from the air (oxygen, argon and nitrogen), sulfur dioxide...

Our entire fleet of vehicles is exclusively powered by LNG, a safe, clean and safe fuel, which allows us to continue taking care of our planet, mitigating the greenhouse effect on the environment, thanks to the reduction of polluting emissions by high percentages, compared to fossil fuels. Liquefied natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 15%, nitrogen oxides by 35% and fine particles by 95%; allowing greater air quality.

HAM Group was the first European company to bet on the use of liquefied natural gas in its vehicles for road transport, with the aim of reducing the greenhouse effect. In the year 2000 we imported 10 tractors from the US that used LNG and since then our fleet has continued to grow progressively. Our bet has been recognized by the main companies in the sector and we have been awarded several mentions, such as that given by Gasnam, the Iberian Association that encourages the use of natural gas in land and sea mobility, which recognized our work with the Environmental Entrepreneurship Award.

The new vehicles that we have incorporated into our fleet comply with ADR regulations and allow us to make safe and comfortable vehicles available to our drivers, so that they can carry out their work in the best conditions, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our services. 

HAM Group will continue to expand and renew its fleet of vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas, following our highest level of demand and with respect to the environment.

HAM Group measures against Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2

HAM Group establishes a series of measures to prevent the spread of Coranovirus Sars-Cov-2

HAM Group Statement

HAM Group has as a priority the safety and health of all its workers, as well as that of its collaborators and customers, which is why we were the first companies to establish measures and activate a protocol for action against the Coronavirus, which is temporarily reinforced, taking into account all the indications and recommendations established by the State of Alarm declared by the Government of Spain, with the aim of avoiding the spread of the virus, during these exceptional moments that are taking place.

All our employees and collaborators have been informed of the decisions and measures implemented by HAM, in order to minimize the possible impact of Coranovirus Sars-Cov-2:
- Recommendations for hygienic measures and personal behavior.
- Recommendations to minimize the risk of contagion.
- If any worker or subcontractor is affected by Coronavirus (especially defined risk groups, pregnant women, immunosuppressed people and / or with respiratory problems), either because they have been in contact or have been infected, they must inform as soon as possible, continue the indications of confinement established by the State of Alarm and not rejoin the workplace until his full recovery.
- Promotion of telework to avoid unnecessary trips to the workplace, facilitating the reconciliation of all workers.
- All face-to-face training actions are postponed.
- Limitation of professional visits, promoting non-face-to-face meetings (calls, videoconferences, etc.)
- Limitation of visits with clients and suppliers.
- Travel restriction.
- Restriction of attendance at conferences and fairs.

HAM Group also implements action plans in its different companies and business areas whose purpose is to continue our activity normally, providing the usual services to our clients, in industries, mobile-vehicular environments, maritime, etc., guaranteeing continuity of activity and excellence in service.

Likewise, the situation will be monitored, adopting all the necessary measures that help prevent the spread of the virus, giving a responsible response to the situation.

We take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues, from drivers, technicians, salespeople, engineers, administrators, etc., for continuing to do their daily work to ensure that we all continue to enjoy all the advantages of CNG and LNG.

For more information, we recommend following the news of Grupo HAM on our website and on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

HAM Benavente, already offers CNG in Zamora

HAM has inaugurated a mobile service station of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas in Benavente, Zamora

The gas station allows refueling cars and light vehicles

HAM Group inaugurated a mobile Natural Gas Station in Benavente, Zamora at the end of 2018. Taking into account the request of our customers, we moved to another point with a new mobile unit that will also allow refueling Compressed Natural Gas.

The new location, a few meters from the previous point, is Ctra. Madrid, km 260.5 / N-525 (41.991962, -5.644717), where our customers can refuel CNG and LNG, quickly linking with the A-6 (highway from the Northwest), one of the six radial highways in Spain, and with the N-630, one of the longest national roads in Spain.

The mobile unit of Benavente, Zamora, is an innovative refueling station that has a 60m3 tank, which will allow the supply of compressed natural gas to cars, light vehicles and trucks, and liquefied natural gas to heavy vehicles and trucks. Customers can access our service station 365 days a year, 24 hours, using any debit or credit card. And if it is a company or freelancer, you can request and enjoy all the advantages offered by our HAM cards for professionals.

HAM Group currently has 43 Gas Stations, which allow refueling CNG and / or CNG, distributed in different state and European points. From the total service stations, our customers can enjoy modern mobile refueling units (HAM Sevilla CNG-LNG, HAM Riba-roja de Túria CNG-LNG...), which allow access to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas at those points where They have no possibility of refueling an alternative, clean, sustainable and highly environmentally friendly fuel, reducing CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and fine particles. In addition, both CNG and LNG, offer savings between 30-50% compared to the price of other more polluting fuels.

During 2020, HAM Group will finalize new projects of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas service stations, thus increasing the current network of service stations, consolidating our presence in the sector and our leadership in the field of LNG and CNG.

HAM Group acquires FNX Liquid Natural Gas, expanding its portfolio of products and services

Grupo HAM ha adquirido FNX Liquid Natural Gas, empresa especializada en plantas de licuefacción de gas natural a pequeña escala

FNX Liquid Natural Gas is a leader in small-scale natural gas liquefaction

HAM Group has acquired the Basque company FNX Liquid Natural Gas S.L., company focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction plants, also including equipment for processing/ treatment of natural gas from wells and other sources. Unlike most other LNG equipment suppliers, FNX has its own manufacturing facilities located in the North of Spain, a region renowned for its technological and industrial background, where FNX designs, builds and tests its equipment. Your engineering team is housed in the manufacturing facilities and provides field services –installation, commissioning and technical support- related to its product lines in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Over the last four decades, the core executive and engineering teams of FNX have been working together through numerous technological industries. Such extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of equipment for different fields such as renewable energy, aerospace, oil&gas, power generation and many others has allowed his team to apply its know-how to FNX’s unique LNG equipment.

Specialized in the manufacture of equipment for liquefaction, FNX offers a wide range of project management services, being able to carry out the complete management of the customer’s facility, if requested. From the construction of plants, operation, supply management, integral project, to a turnkey solution that will allow the client to simplify the global management and reduce the operational resources used.

With the incorporation of FNX Liquid Natural Gas S.L. to HAM Group, our expansion plan in South America is reinforced, where we are already present through our subsidiaries HAM Peru and HAM Chile. On the other hand, we will be able to offer our customers, through liquefaction, a solution to store and transport liquefied natural gas. The liquefaction allows to reduce in more than 600 times the volume of natural gas, facilitating its storage and transport in cryogenic tanks.

Currently, HAM is a leader in the integral service of LNG and CNG, both in industries and in mobile-vehicular, maritime, etc. environments, betting on R&D and facilitating more efficient and sustainable improvements in facilities, natural gas supply and services of bunkering in the naval sector. We have become a reference for all those companies in the sector that are committed to liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas as an alternative to fossil fuels.